How to Use Caption Manager on SM Waves?

Caption Manager is very useful to save the caption from different categories for your Posts.

  • You can create many captions with different Hashtags #
  • You can save and retrieve captions from SM Waves, in two ways:
  1. From Publishing Post
  2. From Caption Manager

From Publishing Post

From the below image you can see how you can save the caption immediately.

social media management software - SM Waves

Below image shows how you can use the saved captions by just clicking on “Get Caption”

social media management software

From Caption Manager

  • By using caption manager, you can add new captions, modify it, delete the caption whenever needed.
  • Using caption manager from SM Waves (social media management software) is a way to save your time thinking which captions to add and repeatedly typing those captions which you use regularly.

You can use SM Waves, a social media management software to manage all your social media network in one place.

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