How to Use Watermark on SM Waves?

A watermark is an identifying image of your logo or other image that appears as various shades to represent your Brand identity in the picture posted through social media and to restrict the re-use of your post. Watermarks have been used on postage stamps, currency, and other government documents to discourage counterfeiting.

SM waves provides the feature the watermark tool from the left menus

Using this can save time and budget as there is no need of hire designer for adding water mark.
Auto-post your logo on your posts on publishing on your social profile.
No need designer for using watermark on the picture.
Supports to use different logos(As watermark) for different platforms and social profile also.
Can use default watermark for all the posts.
You can define size, position and transparency of your logo.

We suggest to be placed (Logo as watermark) in a discreet area of the image that does not interfere with the view of the image, but will make it more difficult to remove or clone out.

How to Use Caption Manager on SM Waves?

Caption Manager is very useful to save the caption from different categories for your Posts.

Can create many captions with different Hashtags #

You can Save and retrieve captions from menus world, in Two ways.
From Publishing Post and From Caption Manager.

From Publishing Post

From here you can Save the caption immediately.
You can use the saved captions by clicking on Get Caption.

Another way from caption Menu.

From here can add new captions , modify , delete the caption.

How to Use Schedules(Menu) on SM Waves?

Here is the amazing feature of Schedule tool from the left menus.

You will have a special view of the Monthly calendar for all categories ​namely, Queue , Published , Unpublished.
From Queue, we can see the posts, ready for posting on all social media profiles,
From Published, we can see the posts, already posted on all social media profiles, from here can view post published on the social media account Directly.
From Unpublished, we can see the posts failed to post on all social media profiles.
You can also see the schedules of posts as per social media by clicking on the social media option ,even all by clicking on all schedules .
Can also delete posts from schedules by choosing Queue , Published , Unpublished, by social media wise.

How to Schedule and Post on SM Waves?

Schedule and posting can be done from for all social profiles in publish All or individually.
Have option to add many groups of your choice of social profiles in each.
Various sources available to upload the media those are using upload button , file manager , Google drive , drop box, one drive or online link.
Caption can be entered manually, can even can save the caption immediately for future use and retrieve the saved captions also.
Schedule can be done by choosing the date and time of your choice.(If you wish to update can be done from scheduling tool)
Can Schedule for many days and monitor the application.

How to Connect Telegram Channel and Group on SM Waves?

Using Telegram official API, you can post Photo, video, link, Text in SM Waves.
SM Waves supports to connect telegram channel and telegram group.
SM Waves guides you how to create bots and using it for linking the channels and groups.

About SM Waves

SM Waves is useful to Plan, Create, Schedule & Post.
With our service you save time and schedule unlimited posts
Visualize your content pipeline on single calendar for all your social networks.
Browse Online from any browser or installing apps
Accurate scheduling with Analytical reports.
Schedule & publish with different formats include (Texts, Links, images, and videos).
Your data is safe with us. no one have access to it. and you can revoke authorization of your login information for social network account anytime.
SM Waves publish using Official (API) on different platforms.
We support (Instagram, Facebook pages and Groups, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Google Business, LinkedIn Profile and pages, Pinterest Accounts, Telegram Groups and Channels).
Get your chats and engage with your clients on Instagram Direct messages and Twitter Inbox Messages from a single platform.
Free Online Tool to edit & design unique posts, make amazing professional and simple design posts with Design Bold
We give you the best support throughout the use of our service. Calls, Live chat and emails.
Use the features of watermark, file manager and caption manager
A complete solution for your social marketing & save your time

How to Add New Member on SM Waves – Team Manager?

SM Waves supports to add unlimited members for managing your social networks.
You can also assign different features and permissions for each member based on module and social accounts.
Members no need to pay for subscription to manage your social accounts.

How to Connect Google My Business Account on SM Waves?

Google My Business
Google My Business is integrated with official API in SM Waves.
From SM Waves you can publish images and text content.
Its safe to post your content and ease to revoke the permission.

How to Connect Twitter Profile, LinkedIn Profile and Page on SM Waves?

It’s safe to publish your content on Twitter & LinkedIn as SM Waves Integrated with Official API
You can publish photo, video, link, and text type of content on twitter profile.
Twitter Analytics of your posts published is available.
You can reply to your customers through inbox from SM Waves App itself.
Twitter trending tool is available and filter with many cities and countries around the world.

Can connect LinkedIn profile & LinkedIn page to publish your content.
From LinkedIn you can post photo, link, and text type of content.

How to Connect my Instagram Account with SM Waves?

As we use Official API, you will never face any issues like blocking or disable from posting.
From SM Waves you can post Media, Story, IGTV and carousel type of content for your Instagram profile.
Direct Message feature also available in SM Waves to reply to your customers.
Instagram Analytics of your posts published is available and can also export it.
You can connect Instagram profile in two different methods.
The first Method (Username & Password): This “Non-official integration”, which you can schedule and publish your posts as “Feed posts, Story posts, IG Tv posts, and Carousel posts”, Whether it’s photos or videos.
Second Method (Login Via Facebook): It’s the official integration with Instagram to sign in to your account, but that can be worked only with account that linked to Facebook page, and for schedule and publish posts its will be working only with “Feed posts” Whether it’s photos or videos. Note that: this method will be non-support for “Story posts, IG Tv posts, and Carousel posts”.

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