How to Connect my Instagram Account with SM Waves?

As we use Official API, you will never face any issues like blocking or disable from posting.
From SM Waves you can post Media, Story, IGTV and carousel type of content for your Instagram profile.
Direct Message feature also available in SM Waves to reply to your customers.
Instagram Analytics of your posts published is available and can also export it.
You can connect Instagram profile in two different methods.
The first Method (Username & Password): This “Non-official integration”, which you can schedule and publish your posts as “Feed posts, Story posts, IG Tv posts, and Carousel posts”, Whether it’s photos or videos.
Second Method (Login Via Facebook): It’s the official integration with Instagram to sign in to your account, but that can be worked only with account that linked to Facebook page, and for schedule and publish posts its will be working only with “Feed posts” Whether it’s photos or videos. Note that: this method will be non-support for “Story posts, IG Tv posts, and Carousel posts”.