Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I activate my account?

When you create a new account, an email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account, click on the link and then you can log in. If you do not receive an email, try checking the Junk / Spam folder.


What is the Multi-Members feature?

This feature allows you to add (Employee/Acc Manager) as Member on your account for managing your social networks with different level permissions. You can benefit from Multi-Members Features. It is available only for corporate packages. You can add Unlimited Members to each corporate package.

What are the types of Social media accounts I can connect with SM Waves?

Facebook Pages and Groups
Twitter Personal Accounts
Instagram Social Media Manager (Personal / Business) Accounts
LinkedIn Personal Accounts and Company Pages
Telegram Channels and Groups
YouTube Channels
Google My Business Account

Do you have any limitations on posting content?

No. This is what distinguishes SM Waves from other social media scheduling and publishing platforms, as most of them impose monthly restrictions on scheduling and publishing operations. You can use Waves to schedule and publish an unlimited number of posts without any restrictions or no monthly limitations.

Note: All rules and policies of the original Social Media platforms are back-to-back applied by SM Waves.

How can I link my Social Media Accounts through SM Waves?

From the side menu, click on “Link accounts”, then choose the social media channel you want to link and click on add. Log in to your account via the social media platform you chose, then a list of pages or groups will appear in front of you, you can choose from them to link with Waves.

Note: To link an Instagram account, make sure to disable two-factor authentication when linking. After successfully linking your Instagram account with Waves, you can re-enable two-factor authentication.

How can I upload my content on SM Waves?

You can upload your posts for scheduling and publishing via one of the options below:

  • Directly from your device’s photo and video gallery
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Links to photos or videos available online

Note: We always recommend uploading your publications or posts via options 2, 3, 4, 5, which will be fast in downloading online on Waves and to avoid download problems if your internet speed is slow

What are the contents or formats are accepted for posting on SM Waves?

You can post in different formats on Waves. Our platform supports (texts, links, images, videos, hashtags, tags, sites or locations). You can also post in different formats (individual photo or video posts, album, stories, Instagram TV videos) and this is done according to the rules and policies of social media.

Can I reply to my client / audiences through SM Waves?

Yes, you can reply and interact with your client or audiences 24/7 through SM waves on Twitter and Instagram direct message only.

What are the reports that SM Waves offer?
  • Reports on all posts published on Waves to all your social media accounts
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Twitter analytics
  • Twitter most popular Hashtags trends based on locations
I’m having a problem on SM Waves. How do I get technical support?

You can have immediate support through LiveChat, Email ([email protected]), or WhatsApp. We will be at your service around the clock.

Login & Registration

What should I do when I cannot access my account?

By clicking “Forgot password,” you can recover your account to send an email to you, you can then follow the link to reset your password.

My Brand has registered on four social media platforms only. I don’t need more than 4 platforms. why I should subscribe with SM Waves that support 7 platforms!?

Because you can create free accounts on the three remaining platforms freely. and you will reach and be active with a new audience that you will never miss.


What is the individual package?

This package is only for individuals (single user). It is limited to only 4 Social Media Platforms(Facebook page manager, Facebook group tools, Facebook business page manager, Instagram account manager, Instagram post manager, best Instagram story scheduler, create new business account Instagram, Instagram scheduler, Twitter account manager, schedule Twitter posts, Twitter auto retweet, Telegram group and Telegram Channel), Modules, Addons & Features.

What are the Corporates packages (Basic/ Standard/ Premium)?

They are suitable packages for companies, agencies, brands or marketers who manage social media accounts on behalf of the brand owner. Each brand can be linked to 7 social media platforms and manage those accounts from the Waves platform, in addition to any existing or future Modules & Addons .

What is the difference between Corporate packages?

The difference between corporate packages is distinguished from each other by the number of accounts that can be linked on each social media platform, as well as the amount of free storage space.

Safety & Privacy

Is it Safe and Secure to use SM Waves?

Yes, SM Waves is safe and secure to use. Your data is safe with us, no one can access your account on SM waves except you. You can revoke authorization of your login information for your social network account anytime.

Is there any risk I may face when I use SM Waves platform?

No, we publish using Official (API) on different platforms. We are a partner and certified to automated publishing posts by using official (API) From (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, Telegram, and YouTube)

Social Profiles

How to connect my Instagram account with SM Waves?

You can connect Instagram profile with SM Waves in two different methods.

  • First Method (Username & Password):
    This is a “Non-official integration”, where you can schedule and publish your posts(whether it’s photos or videos) as “Feed posts, Story posts, IGTV posts and Carousel posts”. You can schedule Instagram stories, schedule Instagram posts free.
  • Second Method (Login Via Facebook):It is the official integration with Instagram to sign in to your account, but that can be worked only with account that is linked to Facebook page. For scheduling and publishing posts, it will be working only with “Feed posts”, whether it is photos or videos. This method will not support for scheduling and publishing “Story posts, IGTV posts, and Carousel posts”.
How to connect twitter Profile, and LinkedIn profile and page on SM Waves?

Watch on the video to know how to connect Twitter profile, and LinkedIn profile and page on SM Waves

It’s safe to publish your content on Twitter & LinkedIn as SM Waves Integrated with Official API


  • You can publish photo, video, link, and text type of content on twitter profile.
  • You can schedule Twitter posts free, schedule Tweets free and you can go for Twitter auto retweet.
  • Twitter Analytics of your posts published is available.
  • You can reply to your customers through inbox from SM Waves App itself.
  • Twitter trending tool is available and filter with many cities and countries around the world.


  • Can connect LinkedIn profile & LinkedIn page to publish your content.
  • You can manage LinkedIn social media plan and you can post photo, link, and text type of content.
How to connect Telegram Channel and Group on SM Waves?

Watch on the video to know how to connect Telegram Channel and Group on SM Waves

  • Using Telegram official API, you can post Photo, video, link, Text in SM Waves.
  • SM Waves, the best social media mapping tools, supports to connect telegram channel and telegram group.
  • SM Waves guides you how to create bots and using it for linking the channels and groups.
  • SM Waves helps you to manage all your social media marketing plan in one place.


How to connect Google My Business account on SM Waves?

Watch out the video to know how to connect Google My Business account on SM Waves.

Manage Google Business Account:

  • Google My Business is integrated with official API in SM Waves.
  • From SM Waves, Google business manager, you can publish images and text content.
  • Its safe to post your content and ease to revoke the permissions.
How to connect Facebook page on SM Waves?

Watch out on video to know how to connect Facebook page on SM Waves

  • SM waves publish your content through Official Facebook API.
  • Through SM Waves Facebook page post manager, you can post Media, link, and text type of content.
  • Via SM Waves Facebook page manager apk, you can connect and publish content on Facebook page & Facebook group also.
  • You can connect multiple pages and define which page you want publish